NITIDA PASTOR PEREZ Directora de Estrategia Medica para Europa en Reckitt Benckiser

PhD in Pediatric Nutrition by University of Medicine. Madrid. Spain.

Superior Degree in Pharmacy. Granada. Spain.

Master’s in business administration. IE Business School. Madrid. Spain.

Health Economics. University of York. UK.

Nitida Pastor is a Pharmacist and Cum Laude in Pediatrics by the Autonomous University of Madrid. It is also an MBA from IE Business School, and Health Economic alumni from University of York. Currently working as Medical Affairs Director for Europe in Reckitt Benckiser. She has directed and mentoring more than 55 projects and develop young students, and her expertise has been shown in numerous seminars and congresses related to entrepreneur, mentoring, and the identification of business opportunities with the change of pyramid population. From a medical experience, she is focused in Nutrition, Nutraceuticals and Children development. (LCPUFAS, DHA & Immunity, and Allergy & Tolerance development). She started her career in Mars confectionary, bridging to develop her own business, a production of natural cosmetic line which received an Innovation award, moving to NutraSweet, and consolidating her experience in Abbott through different positions. Through all these steps she has crafted a strong foundation in business and science and bridging the gap to support new ideas from concept to execution the business plan.Recently she has published her second book about the “Popular and Scientific use of Medicinal herbs to manage the stress”. The first one was the bestseller in University editorials in 2015.